A2 Ghee – The jar of wholesome goodness!

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Ghee has a special place in the hearts and minds of people in India. Staple foods like roti, rice and paratha taste best when topped with a spoon of desi ghee. Ghee plays a vital role in homemade food. Therefore, we must choose an organic and preservative-free form of ghee that is both nutritious and delicious. If organic ghee is what you are looking for then look no further!  Adya Organics brings to you a jar of golden coloured A2 Ghee that is rich in nutrients and ideal for daily consumption.

A2 ghee is a variety of thick, pure, unadulterated premium desi ghee that is obtained from A2 Grade milk. Milk is first collected from grass-fed indigenous cows and later turned into ghee using Bilona method of churning. Cows are grass-fed in order to strengthen their immunity, blood sugar and body fat levels. Healthy cows produce better quality and healthier milk and that in turn helps make healthy ghee.

It is said that when people are trying to lose weight, ghee is the first thing they exclude from their diet, thinking it increases the weight. This wrong presumption deprives them of the nutrition present in ghee. In a balanced diet, the ideal ratio of protein to carbs to fat is 2:2:1. This ratio indicates that there should be some amount of good fats that should be added to a diet plan. We can consume such good fats through use of A2 ghee in our cooking.

Not just that, A2 ghee is rich in Omega-3 and fatty acids. It is good for the heart and helps maintain weight. The A2 beta casein protein present in A2 ghee breaks down into amino acids that are easily digested by the body. A2 ghee helps improve overall digestion and absorption of food by the small intestine. It also aids in decreasing the acid levels in the gastrointestinal tract that might cause irritation. In addition to this, A2 Ghee helps improve bone density and can be used for massaging new born babies as well as elderly folks with joint pains or arthritis as it is a natural lubricant. This wholesome organic ghee is also rich in antioxidants, improving the texture of your skin and giving you a younger looking skin. A2 Ghee is therefore one superfood that has a plethora of health benefits!